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32 Useful AdWords Tips for Intermediate to Experienced Users

This is by no means a definitive list। Here are just some straight forward tips that I have learned over the years from experience with pay-per-click, AdWords in particular, as well techniques I have learned from gurus’ books and newsletters.

I am not merely repeating a combined list. These are in my words, and in no particular order. I believe in all of these and am currently using or have used these techniques in the past for multiple client accounts.
Some of these might require more explanation, which you are welcome to ask for here.Each are split into categories that should help for reference.
Improving CTR & Conversions
1.) Use the core/parent adgroup keyword three times in the ad text and display URL.
2.) Bid on all three match types for every keyword/keyphrase: broad, phrase, and exact.(This will get you more clicks for your money).
3.) Bid higher on terms that have been converting well.
4.) If continual ad performance improvement is one of your goals, on campaign settings, change…