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How to Get Better Exposure at LinkedIn

LinkedIn is becoming on the most important social media tools out there if you want to stay connected to potential employers. More employers are reviewing LinkedIn profiles for all job applicants. In addition, if job seekers can use LinkedIn to find potential employment. But, if you are wondering why more potential employers are not clicking on your LinkedIn profile, you may need to employ certain strategies to increase your exposure. 
The first strategy you should do is to update your LinkedIn profile consistently. Updating your profile does one of two things: it strengthens your resume by highlighting more skills and it makes your profile appear in searches. The more you update your LinkedIn profile, the more your profile is not only seen as active, but also updates make your profile appear in recent searches. Say you add SEO as a skill. When employer searches for workers who are experienced in SEO, your profile will appear near the top because of this update. Try to update consisten…

How To Get Better CTR From Your Search Rankings

It is a tough world for webmasters. First, you must rank on the first page of search engine results. Next, you have to climb as far up as possible on the page. And even then you are not assured of the traffic you are looking for! This happens because people may decide not to click on your link. Fortunately, the behavior is explainable, and correctable. Read on to find out how to get better CTR from your search rankings.
Meta Descriptions
Two major factors come to mind that can get your link clicked: an exact query match, and an interesting description. A combination of the two is, of course, always a winner.
Think of meta descriptions as article headlines or teasers. If someone is searching for 'seven day course to lose weight', and if you have targeted the exact same keyphrase, you are likely to draw attention if you have secured a leading place in the SERP. However, others may have done it too, and the meta descriptions now make or break your CTR. 
Consider the following: 'L…

What Is Author Rank And Why Does It Matter?

If you have been using Google+ and always updating and interacting through it, you probably have heard something about Author Rank. Considering that Google is in a constant motion to deal a deathly blow to spammy content, Author Rank is expected to be the next big thing in terms of ranking. 
Background on Author Rank
As early as 2005, a patent was filed by Google on what was called Agent Rank. In the patent, Google described how a number of parameters were to be used in ascertaining the position of an agent in a specific niche. They included the popularity of an agent and his authority on a specific subject. Until recently, search results and popularity has been determined by algorithm, which considers different factors including links to other high quality web pages. Obviously, Google has been on a constant search for high quality web pages that meets the needs of searchers. 
Google did not have substantial qualitative data that justified social interactions as a factor in direct rankin…

How to Use Facebook as an Online Marketing Tool

As an online marketing and public relations tool nothing can beat Facebook. Started out as a social networking platform, the site today boasts of millions of users. Any message on Facebook goes viral in a few minutes. Here are some easy tips on how to use Facebook as an online marketing tool for your products and services:
# 1: Highlight your profile: Being proactive automatically optimizes your profile for search engines. Your presence on the Internet can be made more prominent with the help of your Facebook profile by: Posting messages on your wall every day with something interesting and thought-provoking.Checking statuses, comments, likes and sharing of friends and add your comments.Adding photo albums and videos as often as you can, including those of workshops, seminars, conferences that you have attended and/or organized.Keeping tagging your friends and fans in photos.Adding interesting photos of your vacations to add a sense of fun to your profile.
# 2: Use Fan Pages: Facebook pr…

Google Browser Size Helps Increase Engagement

Browser Size from Google Labs is quite an eye-opening tool. It tells you quite visually what percentage of your traffic is seeing a chopped-off version of your web page.
The first impression your website makes is how much of it can be seen in the visible area of a browser. Before the user decides to click, or even scroll anything, he will be looking at your website through a narrow lens. It’s in your best interest to optimize your content to look fantastic even when the window is small. Often overlooked, the way your webpage fits into your visitors’ viewport needs to be optimized to showcase all your best content.
Note that viewport size isn’t simply just a function of mobile vs. web. People have different screen sizes for their computers, from 11 inch or smaller laptops to 32 inch or more monitors. Also, many many users do not keep their browsers maximized; they resize the browser into all different shapes and sizes. Yet, for all of these different types of visitors, we want to make a …

How to check for Google seo updates and confirm them

If you have a site, you are always keen to know how it is faring in the search engine rankings. Everybody wants their site to be in the top one or two pages of Google or any of the other search engines and are doing everything they can to improve the SEO of their site. While there are many ways to find out the performance of your site and how many hits it is receiving, webmasters find it a problem when there is a search update from Google. This is how people identify the changes in the traffic. Now tools like Google Analytics do help you check out your site stats quite accurately as long as things are constant and there is no great change in the manner search engines evaluate or rank sites. But with Google SEO Updates becoming so common and dynamic, webmasters are unable to comprehend the net impact of these updates on the ranking of their sites. They are also puzzled with the ever changing position of their sites on the search engines and are unsure about what is causing it – is their si…

Dos and Don’ts for Brands on Social Media

The unparalleled growth in popularity and interest in social sites like Facebook and Twitter saw an initial clamour from organisations of all sizes to adopt social media marketing. A consequence of this was a series of out of touch corporate organisations attempting to force their brand messages on to consumers in an environment they were wholly inexperienced and unprepared for. Learning from those mistakes the majority of brands are now highly social media savvy and able to interact smoothly with consumers.
Being a casual consumer led environment, users are often wary of corporate brands intent on mere self-promotion rather than adhering to the values of the site itself. It is a fine line for corporations to balance the need to advertise with the need to interact and getting the balance wrong will seriously damage their consumer PRefforts.
Take a look at the following guide to dos and don’ts on social media and you will make sure your brand doesn’t run the risk of losing followers or…

Google Reader will be cremated in July; RIP Google Reader!

As a part of this spring-cleaning, Google has decided to burn down it’s not so popular Google Reader. Google is bringing it down on July 1st. It started of as a feed parser, which turned into feed reader. It was launched as a Google Lab project in 2005. Later it was integrated with iGoogle along with added social features. In 2011, Google fired its social features and started all social features under a separate with as Google +1. After this, a lot of people lost interest in feeds and browsers dropped support for reading feeds.
Why is it good to dismantle Google Reader?
Although it is good to have immediate access to all latest information as soon as it is made available to readers, but not all websites support RSS feeds. So, it is not possible to subscribe to all your favorite websites. Another problem is that a lot of feeds are updated frequently, and not all of them are of your interest. Therefore, it takes time to sort feeds that are of your interest from this large pool of data. A…

Importance of Keyword Research in Search Engine Optimization

You type few words on the search box; that’s where everything begins! In Search Marketing, keyword research plays a very vital role. Correct ranking of the right keyword can make our website. If not, it will break your website. Learning SEO tricks will not work for you if you do not understand your customer. Because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how many visitors visited your site, the right visitor is all your website needs. With the help of keyword research, you get a better understanding of the shift of demand. Based on this, you can respond to the changing market and produce your product or service accordingly.
Judging the Value of Keywords
How worthy is a keyword to your website? Suppose you own an online apparel store. Now, you need to generalize whether you make more sales when visitors search for “red dress” or “black dress”. Keywords that visitor types on the search bar are available to webmaster. Keyword research tools allow you to find details about these keywo…

SEO interview question and answer

Seo Interview Questions and Answers
My SEO interview question and answers helps you to Cracking the interviewers questions very easily and very confidentially.Read them and prepare for your seo interview.
Q1. Tell me something about yourself ?Ans. You should tell him very confidentially about yourself your strength and your Aim.
Q2. What you know about SEO ? Ans.It is process of getting traffic from free and paid listing on the search engine like.


Q3. How to get top position in SEO ?Ans. With the help of two factors we get top position in Search Engine A) ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION

Q4. What do you know about ON Page Optimization ?Ans. Where we need to work on On page of our site and we can make changes on title tag, meta tag,site structure and site content, links and keyword.And On page optimization we need to work also on logical factors.

Q5. What do you know about Off Page Optimization ?Ans.Off page optimization means we can work on important factors like dir…