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Various Ways of Digital Marketing

Online retail is one precious asset; it significantly contributes to the overall business strategy of a company. Working in online marketing for The Genuine Gemstone Company I know a little about being established on TV, our brands GemsTV and Rocks TV are strong in the UK and USA respectively.  Our current fan base, the shopping savvy, fashion conscious society seek online retail as well as TV.
"The company’s No.1 appearance in the Fast Track 100, is testimony to their skill and determination to succeed" – says Sir Richard Branson in The Sunday Times.
Without being connected to our audience through brand websites, social media, emails and other forms of online marketing, we wouldn’t have achieved our sales growth of 245.36% per annum. Being a Sunday Times Fast Track 100 winner is proof that there is success in online retail. Determination and proven ability to deliver sales and grow as a company only underlines expertise in creating a solid and sustainable business model.

High Pr Classified ads site list 2013


SEO trends and Ranking factor

As I realized SEO trends and Ranking factor of the websites have been completely changed after this penguin updates. Few examples are below

!) Typed on Google Alcohol rehab at USA search and
Top 10 websites are
1.this is org of top listing sites which are dealing on this. 2.Informational sites this is org of top listing sites which are dealing on this. 3.Informational sites of alcohol rehab program) 4.( inner page is coming with full of alcohol related posts which are linked on this particular page) 5.Government site) 6.( PR 5 with neat and clean websites navigation and develop with linkable content) 7.(org with full information) 8.( The website is full of information with top listing sites) 9.this is ) 10.( the inner page is coming with full of related information has PR 4 with very clearly navigations)
!!) SEO India: Website is getting top 5 positions
Features a)Latest update on blog/news sections b)Using keywords for internal linking very smartly c)Using partial match anchor text it …

Video Marketing - The New Opportunities For Your Business

Video marketing is very hard to do, but it can be worth the time, effort and money if you do it right. Video marketing is another medium that you can use to get your marketing message across. It has been used for many years to great success on the TV, and now that Internet connections and bandwidths are good, you are able to host videos on your website with great success. There are even video channels such as YouTube that you can use to disseminate your videos.
Video marketing is very hard to do
This comment should be clarified, as anyone can point a camera at something. It is hard to do if you want any form of success. You need to have very good production values, audio, visuals, acting and scripts in order to create a successful marketing video. Anything less than fantastic will destroy any credibility you may have wished to gain (or sustain).
There are so many marketing videos online that are simply not good enough that people have started to ignore them and avoid them like plague. …

Create Free Blogs sites.

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What type of anchor text should I work with?