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Google's latest update the "Dewey" April 2008.

Well, you probably already know about the new Google update. While the last several updates don’t have a distinctive name, this past update which came roaring in during March and April wreaking havoc to all SEO’s deserves a name like a great storm- this one named “Dewey” after a code word used in Matt Cutt’s blog. Following is some of the information I have been able to collect on Dewey, hopefully giving SEO’s information that can be useful for their clients and websites.
The Dewey update has ruined many spammy sites.
1) Old sites that have bought paid links suddenly dropped down Google's index around the end of February, early March. This seems to be particularly affecting thin affiliate sites.

2) Cache data has been inaccurate and appallingly unrefreshed even though the index reports that new content and links are working. Which is probably due to the delay with which an update gets rolled out accross the multiple data centers.

3) New sites take an excruciatingly long time be ind…

Google Knol, the paid Wikipedia

Writers has now a good occasion to make profit. Google launched this week Google Knol, the user-generated encyclopedia similar to Wikipedia. And every author can earn money from his work, depending on the hits of his articlesGoogle official blog says that “Knols are authoritative articles about specific topics, written by people who know about those subjects.“, “The key principle behind Knol is authorship. Every knol will have an author (or group of authors) who put their name behind their content.”
The main principle of Knol is the “moderated collaboration”, meaning that the readers can suggest changes of a knol and the author will accept it or not. It’s the author’s option to include ads from the AdSense program, and to be paid this way.
It will become Google Knol a better authoritative source than Wikipedia? The fact that the articles will be owned by Google and paid through AdSense tells us that there will be a heaven for spammers (it seems that already Knol articles are better plac…

Google Adwords Update July 17th

Now keywords and placements can work together in your AdWords campaigns. Set placement bids to improve your content network results or mix keywords and placements to pinpoint the best pages for your ads.

If you log into your AdWords account, click on a campaign, and then click on an adgroup, you’ll see the following new feature.

Google’s Inside Adwords blog explains this new feature:
Keywords and placements - together!

As of today, both keywords and placements can be targeted in all AdWords campaigns. Use both to get better control and pricing power on the content network.

#What can you do with keywords plus placements?

* Bid more or less for specific placements. Let contextual targeting with keywords place your ads across the content network, while you set placement bids for sites that have a special value for you.
Selling soccer shoes? You might bid £1.00 for clicks from any content network pages that match your keywords, but £2.00 when those clicks come from a soccer fan site that…