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How to Calculate the ROI of Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Running a social media campaign is often a very expensive affair. That is, if you take social media seriously. Specialized marketing companies around the world are finding ways and means to convince big businesses to get into social media campaign lest they feel left out. When competitors do it, you will have to do it, and do it on a large scale if you have to retain your lead. But the catch is managements will demand to know what the benefits will be like.
Is it really Possible to Calculate the Worth of Social Media?
Social media brings in benefits that cannot be measured like revenues from physical sales. It is like calculating the worth of kinship, your relationship with your wife, the cost of having a friend, and price for happiness. But, there is a way out sill and smart marketing companies are discovering it to convince their managements in this regards. And one of the ways to do it is present them with mathematical figures.
Why is it Tedious to Calculate the Worth of Social Medi…

How Will Facebook's EdgeRank Affect Your Page

Guest post by Steve Mehr, CEO of WebShark360
If you're administering a Facebook page, then you're likely concerned with how to reach more users with your content.  By increasing your reach and influence, you'll be more likely to influence these users to purchase your goods or services.  Unfortunately, it's not always easy to cut through the noise of a person's Facebook news feed.  In fact, many pages find themselves lost among the noise.  How do you keep up?
By knowing how Facebook determines your content's visibility, you can adjust your content marketing strategies.  Understanding Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm is critical to understanding how you can better reach your fans and followers.
What is EdgeRank?
EdgeRank is Facebook's algorithm which determines the content to show in users' news feed. Based on a number of factors, EdgeRank determines which content may be most valuable and therefore, interesting to its users. Understanding how EdgeRank works…

Importance of PPT presentations and Infographics in Digital Marketing

What pleases your eyes pleases your mind. This concept is literally universal. Whether you talk about food, place, products or the digital market, the first sensation happens in your eyes before it impresses your mind. As our world shifts online, so does our interest. Today, almost everything is sellable on internet. A good online marketing strategy is irremissible, but catering information with eye grabbing graphics and presentations add sugar to your cake. Our world today involves more and more data than ever before. This brings forth, the challenge of making this enormous sea of data pleasing and easy to understand to the readers or consumers. This is where infographics and eye-sticking presentations come in role. What is an Infographic?Infographics are perfect blend of knowledge, information and eye-catching design. These are visually compelling and a perfect mode to communicate voluminous data providing readers, ease of understanding. With the help of Infographics, you can take a p…

Tips to Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Marketing

Social media is taking the world by storm.  Be it interaction on a day to day level, between friends and acquaintances or marketing strategies on a global platform, Social Media is an integral part of our every day existence.  Whether it is Twitter or Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or Pinterest, social networking has made the world a closer and more interactive place to live in.  Enterprise social networks assist employees to work as a team over departments and across organisations.  In the business world, social networking offers more recognition of the business and hence a viable route to project ones business and enhance marketing techniques to a greater extent. 
How exactly does one decide on the right social media platform for marketing?  This needs to be tackled at the very outset.  Going overboard and using every social media platform available on the web is not the answer to this question.  By doing so, one will risk spreading the brand too wide and this will in fact be detriment…

Utilizing Tumblogging Without Utilizing Tumblr

Tumblr has asserted itself as one of the most popular and dynamic social media sites on the Internet. Even though it is technically a blogging platform, it blends some of the best features of social media with some of the best features of blogging. WordPress remains one of the dominant platforms on the Internet. Unlike Tumblr, however, WordPress hasn’t actually managed to make using the platform into such a distinctive activity that it has created its own gerund. Tumblogging, the term for adding content to Tumblr blogs, however, is coming to the WordPress platform.
How it Works
Tumblogging refers to the way people post content on Tumblr. The Tumblr platform is set up so that it’s very easy to use in terms of posting multimedia content and short blog posts. The platform is accessible from mobile devices and from standard desktop computers, which allows people to post content on the fly, as it is happening or to make more considered posts along the lines of what you might see on a typical…

Top Six Mobile Apps For Doing Social Media Marketing

Today most mobile applications have emerged with an intention of making life easier for users by providing useful solutions that allow them to effectively tackle their everyday problems. In this context, marketing through social media has not lagged behind and there are several different mobile apps useful in facilitating this process.

If you are an administrator of social media or just want to manage your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more from a single platform, here are six applications that you can use from the desktop of your PC, via the web or from your smartphone. This ease of access may allow you to increase your followers and make social media marketing campaigns successful.

So, here are six mobile apps that can be a life saver while doing social media marketing:

1. Google Currents

This app is useful for improving marketing activities and finding content, for creating unique and personalized sales and organizing various sources of information on the web. It…

Internet Marketing with Pinterest

Pintertest! If you are new to this word, you might wonder what it is all about. Well, it is just another social media site with interesting ‘pinboards’ allowing you to build business relationships with the huge number of population who visit the site regularly. Pinterest is all about visuals where you will have to pin unique images on your pinboard. Specifically, it is like the boards at office or home where you pin pictures, cards, scenery, motivating phrases, goals, schedules, etc.
How to create an account with Pinterest?
Registering an account with Pinterest is a simple process. You can create your account using the email address and also connect with other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Once the account is created, setup a gravatar image and build your profile. The next important step involved in Pinterest is creating ‘pinboards.’ Your account comes with default blank pinboards, which can be converted into boards with a definite theme and title. Additionally, new one…

Digital Marketing with StumbleUpon

As one of the products of the ensuing social media revolution, StumbleUpon is a popular content discovery engine that helps users find new content based on their interests. With more than 25 million registered users and close to one billion stumbles every month, StumbleUpon has joined the elite list of fastest growing social media websites. The website helps registered users find new web content, while also recommending content based on user interests. The website sources out recommended content based on user interests using social networking and peer-sourcing techniques. Users can make new friends and build relationships on the network.
Launched in 2001, StumbleUpon was founded by Geoff Smith, Garrett Camp, Eric Boyd and Justin LaFrance. The website was developed using the concept of collaborative filtering to link similar web users on a single platform. Users can rate web pages, update personal profiles and build peer networks connected by common interests. The website coordinates d…

Social media for corporate clients, and how to make it work

For many people, the idea of managing social media for a corporate client or brand – is a nightmare. Unlike creative and casual brands – the corporate side of things can be pretty daunting – as there seems to be so much more regulation and much stricter rules surrounding communication and publication.
We’ve all heard the horror stories surrounding corporate social media gone wrong – and we’ve seen brands and business fall because of it. Take a look at the recent Appleby’s fiasco – and you’ll start to understand what and incredibly daunting task corporate social media can be. There is a lots we can learn from disasters like this though, and believe it or not – corporate social media needn’t be as scary and as confusing as it initially may seem.
As with any other kind of social account – the key is to understanding your audience and understanding the brand too. Once you’re familiar with these aspects, you’re half way there. Here I’ve tried to outline a few tips to make the process easie…

Animation can bring about great changes

2D animation resembles hand drawn animation and its termed as a classical animation. Traditional animation was attractive but it contained very complicated techniques and mostly was hand drawn. Thus they were quite popular but with passage of time, people have learnt the various usage of the computer and they have innovation with modern and unique concept of 2D animation.
During a few decades, 2D animation has rapidly prospering in all kinds of the industrial field, real estate and many others. If there is a presentation in a company, the presenter always wants to make use of the 2D animation as the presentation will be eye catchy and the targeted audience will be not feeling bored. While presenting a presentation, you have keep in mind that the sole image of the company will depend on the presentation.
The presentation has to be presented flawlessly and has to grab the attention of the audience. Before the presentation, you need to remember the points to be highlighted so that the audi…

The benefits of an on hold phone message for your business

People get bored with listening to music while on hold. To stop them ending their calls, record a good on hold phone message.
It is rightly said that running a business is no mean feat. You need to take care of a lot of things simultaneously and hence the bigger the business is, the more difficult it becomes to handle it alone. Even if you manage to handle your business well, to stay in competition you have to constantly innovate to attract clients or customers. A simple change can make a huge difference to the revenue of your company. For example, getting a website for your company can ensure increased visibility and eventually increased profit through new clients or customer. Hence you see, it is extremely important that you think of all the small details regarding your business and try to innovate to stay ahead of your competitors in attracting clients or customers.
One such small thing that can have a huge impact on your business revenue is what you have as your phone on hold recor…

The Importance of Utilizing Social Media

With today’s technological advancements, facing social media is inevitable. Although there is many social media modules that assist businesses earn attention, Facebook and Twitter are two crucial social media platforms that are key to making a business prevail and overcome the challenge of customer awareness. Facebook and Twitter are changing the way that companies interact with their users and how they sponsor their business. These tools cost nothing, and are able to reach millions into their trade, which is why it is vital to use them to their full potential.
The dynamics of Facebook make it critical to be used by any business hoping to achieve popularity and any sort of recognition. This year Facebook reached its billionth user. With such an incredible user base number, numbers alone show how important it is to spread the word of any given business on one of the most prevalent social media sites. There are more than 4 million active company Fan Pages on Facebook, and more than 25 m…

Top Ten SEO Tools of 2013

Sometimes a well-designed website that has the quality content is not just enough to divert traffic. What the website needs is a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool. A reliable SEO tool will go a long way in successfully diverting traffic to your website. Here’s a list of the top ten SEO tools of 2013.
1.SEOmoz SEOmoz is regarded as one of the best SEO suites by many of its users. This software has all that is required to maximize the SEO process. This suite has a lot of user-friendly helpful tools. This is one of the advantages of SEOmoz. What this tool lacks is a report template. As a user you will have to build one from scratch.
2.HubSpot If you wish to keep track of the minute SEO details about your business website then HubSpot is the tool that you need to use. This software helps you do almost everything that is related to SEO. This is one of the best tools for analyzing information about the quality and quantity of traffic that is generated to your business website to creati…