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Be Positive

In today's  competitive business world, anxiety and stresses are common. In order to avoid negative thoughts use these simple procedures
A Negative Thought Stopping Procedure The Five R's - A Negative Thought Stopping Procedure. In fact, the harder you try to 'not think about' something that is negative, the more powerful and entrenched in your mind that negative thought becomes, and the greater the negative influence it has on your performance. The only way to stop negative thoughts is to shift your thinking to thoughts - and images - that are both positive and productive with regard to your personal performance. Since the human mind can only process one thought at a time , you must actively choose to direct your mind toward (i.e. focus on) a Dominant Thought that is positive, productive, and directly related to how you want to perform.The Five R's are key words that summarize a Negative Thought Stopping procedure that can help you achieve this goal.  Implementing t…

Search Engine To Come Down Strongly On Unethical SEO Practices In 2011

As per latest tweets from Matt Cutts(Google Engineer) and Prageeth P (SEO Expert), Google is to come down strongly on websites that use black hat SEO strategies such as cloaking. Cloaking  is a form of search engine manipulation. Cloaking means that search engine spiders get fed one website, while the web surfer views another. What the search engine gets is usually a page with the same keyword repeated several times over, while the user gets a nicer page which may or may not have those keywords.As per the twitter post from Matt Cutts, “Not just page content matters; avoid different headers/redirects to Googlebot instead of users.”
Always avoid Black Hat SEO Black Hat SEO is tempting; after all, these tricks only work, temporarily. They do end up getting sites higher search rankings; that is, until these same sites get banned for using unethical practices. It’s just not worth the risk. Use efficient search engine optimization techniques to get your site ranked higher, and s…