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How To Get Exposure Through Press Release

In conventional print media press releases are simply news articles released for the primary purpose of informing readers about particular news worthy developments. The news focus can be a company launch, expansion thrust or the opening of a new branch, etc. In the cyber business landscape press releases take a totally different and powerful function and purpose. Press releases are powerful marketing toolsfor businesses that need an authoritative online presence. The guidelines outlined in this piece will empower you to know how to get exposure through press release writing and submitting. 
Why you should submit press releases  Press releases are cost-effective. Press release spread far and wide through news wires giving your website maximum exposure.Press releases achieve the double impact of communicating important developments about your company while also generating valuable back links to improve the visibility and ranking for your website. Press releases are normally the best place …

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

If you run a business and have a website, chance are good you’ve been introduced to three powerful but often misunderstood letters: SEO.  It’s no longer good enough to simply have a web presence, now that web presence must be easy to locate through a search engine.  With only 6% of Google searches making it past the first page- and about 1/3 not making it past the first result- poor SEO could have a tremendous negative effect on your business.  Here are some common mistakes to avoid in your efforts to raise your ranking:
Keeping it too simple with keywords: Do your research!  Don’t assume you know the best keywords to use, or how to use them.  You could end up missing opportunities to integrate search friendly terms into your website.  Think synonyms and words with similar meanings that could be substitutes for each other in a search term. Picture and photo, for example, or optometrist and eye doctor.  You should also try to get inside the mind of potential clients that are searching f…

Advantage of Social Media Optimization

Please see below how you can get advantage from Social Media Optimization for your organization
Talk more about our brand and your industry and not generic stuff about Holi and Diwali Target the right audience to follow you on the social media platformRun campaigns about something which puts the brand forward Pictures of team and staff is very important on the website and social media is very important for B2B as it builds credit for the company Talk about tips what is happening within your industry which is relevant today CSR to show is good on social media Build likes which is audience as without that it’s no point doing anything as no one is looking at it Linked in adds are very expensive and don't get the results. So check before you give into this. But depend on what service you are offering. For your business and brand pin interest or Instagram would not be that effective. You tube will be if we can create good videos and use that There are too many channels so pick and focus…

Make the most out of email marketing

Online retail is really going to get your business jumping. The internet is as well used throughout the retail world as the high street for shopping. In fact the popularity of web is a tremendous boost to your company.
Emailing customers does not just give you more chance of making a sale, it is about value, customer relationship and putting your marketing right in-front of the user, and in a much more direct way then any commercial could have been able to do for you before. Think of it as an advertisement board, hooked up to the shop you want to get to.   
There are many things that can make or break your email. And really I need to go over them in some detail for you to understand and master it. The stages of an email begin with building a campaign idea. 
Planning your sell Think of the items you’d like to promote, it may well be a themed range, such as new in, summer, men’s, women’s, shorts, hats, sneakers. 
During this time, your marketing team must strategize a banner, design and the…

What should be the Post-Penguin 2.0 Digital Marketing Practices?

Many of the most popular SEO practices a few years ago are now cursed and considered foolish because they will either get you penalized or the costs far outweigh the benefits. While the Penguin update has certainly changed many things about online marketing, you can still gain exposure by abiding by Google’s rules.

Not Just Content First of all, content isn’t the only thing that you need to worry about. All of the major search engines are checking your website's loading speed. A website that loads very slowly takes away from the user experience. Many studies show that if your website just takes a tenth of a second longer to load than similar websites, then your sales will drop by one percent.
Not only that, but the search engines penalize slow websites because people don’t like them. If you want to do some serious marketing, then ensure that you choose a fast Web host.
Organic Linkbait Before Penguin, many marketers would use automated programs to build hundreds of links. These automat…

How To Connect Your Network to the Cloud

1. The Cloud welcomes you!
The new storage utility is simple, fast and welcoming. Enter into an enlightened path of digitally managing your work loads and times. You will find with cloud computing that there’s an endless trail for building up your data and your network. Users may access data as and when they there are needed to see it. 
You’ve probably seen more domesticated services including iCloud and Drop Box incorporate cloud-ware applications to users. They have easy to deploy and simple attitudes, enabling cloud share between you and your devices. Share from desktops, phones, tablets, between yourself and friends, family or businesses.
2. What’s for me to expect?
With differencing levels of services, from basic file sharing to more advanced platforms with apps, to infrastructure such as data servers and firewalls, there’s a plethora of cloud software offerings to think of. Over time cloud computing will simplify existing systems, as people are more widely accepting of the internet…

Go off page for better SEO results

Are you a web master or the owner of a website? Then you are looking for some form of internet marketing, especially if you have some goods or services you would like exposed to the general public. Developing a successful web presence through search engine positioning is clearly a formidable challenge as the competition is not only vast in quantity but often high in quality too.  As the Internet evolves so does the sophistication of SEO techniques. These days, in their pursuit of relevance and in their efforts to counteract spam-dexing and search manipulation the search engines are placing an increasing emphasis on off-page factors. In this regard, what you might actually be looking for would some form of Search engine Optimization, SEO that would ensure that you get some top placement on the web search ranking. Therefore, when you are a search engine marketer, your major aim is to get your web page inside of the top area of the search engine results for your related niche. To do this…

Importance of PPC campaigns in Digital Marketing or SEO

As with anything in life, it pays to have a mix of things in order to ensure balance. The same is true of marketing, and including PPC (Pay per Click), as part of a balanced plan of digital marketing can add to the overall efficacy of your promotional strategy.
Research has shown that companies from start-ups through to multi-national global enterprises invest a considerable proportion of their online marketing budgets in PPC. So what’s all the fuss about?
What is PPC? PPC is a way in which advertisers pay to bring their products to the attention of people who may be interested in them. Choosing keywords that are relevant to the product, marketers develop adverts specifically tailored to the individuals searching for that keyword that will hopefully find their way to the eyes of people who are interested in the product. Get the clicks and convert them to sales
There are two ways in which advertisers can pay for the clicks their adverts receive. Most content websites – that is, websites su…