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How To Get Exposure Through Press Release

In conventional print media press releases are simply news articles released for the primary purpose of informing readers about particular news worthy developments. The news focus can be a company launch, expansion thrust or the opening of a new branch, etc. In the cyber business landscape press releases take a totally different and powerful function and purpose. Press releases are powerful marketing tools for businesses that need an authoritative online presence. The guidelines outlined in this piece will empower you to know how to get exposure through press release writing and submitting. 

Why you should submit press releases 
  • Press releases are cost-effective. 
  • Press release spread far and wide through news wires giving your website maximum exposure.
  • Press releases achieve the double impact of communicating important developments about your company while also generating valuable back links to improve the visibility and ranking for your website.
Press releases are normally the best place for start-up businesses with limited marketing and advertising budgets to begin their online presence drives and campaigns. Principles of how to get exposure through press releases involve knowing what format a professionally written press relapses takes. A press release must be factual yet interesting. The write-up must be expertly weaved so as to generate interest and compel readers to click provided links and come to your website. Once a press release is written it can be submitted to various news wire websites and PR websites. Certain submission services require a fee while some are free to use and still give maximum exposure for submitted press releases.

What Can Press Release do for the visibility of your website? 

Plying the volatile and ever growing cyber landscape as an entrepreneur is all about the visibility for your website. So how do press releases enhance the visibility of your website? The cyber business terrain is a steep business play field. Unlike the conventional business world; the cyber sphere pits your competitors just a click away. This means that your target market online is made of people that have so many options they can shift to in a single click. Press releases go viral around the web especially on news sites, blogs and news wire websites. The links strategically embedded in your release are great for your link building drive. Search engines consider these links when they return pages with relevant content against user search queries. Research has proved that in online marketing thrusts press releases are some of the most effective ways of generating the coveted organic traffic. 

Press Releases and Organic traffic 

Setting up a powerful website that does not get any visitors is meaningless. Getting visitors who are not interested in what you are offering is not fruitful either. Without attracting relevant target traffic to your website your web pages will record a high bounce rate. Bounce Rate denotes the amount of time visitors spend on your site. A high bounce rate means visitors come to website and leave as soon as they arrive. This basically means that visitors coming to your website are not interested in the products and services you are offering. With the visibility that press releases can achieve for your website search engines will begin to recognize your website as an authority site and they will channel relevant organic traffic to your website. Target traffic means your web pages are getting relevant users (mostly from search engines) looking for what you are offering. This kind of traffic leads to high conversion and profitability. 

Principles on How to Get Exposure through Press Release
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your niche.
  • Identify news wires with the widest and cost-effective coverage.
  • Generate keen interest.
The write-up of your press release must be such that it establishes your website as an authoritative source of information or solutions in the subjects or market needs related to your niche. Once the readers get a sense of your clout they will be compelled to turn to your website for the services and products they need. As you search for the best press release websites ensure that you choose websites with the widest and broad coverage. This will give your press release and your website maximum exposure at very cost-effective rates. Expert online marketing experts are capable of identifying such press release publishing platforms. Most importantly the experts can weave keen interest generating releases that will compel readers to flock to your website.

Author Bio :
Jason Smith has been in the internet marketing industry for more than 6 years. He is an expert on SEO & PPC tactics and in his free times likes to research on water therapy and exercise

Monday, 24 June 2013

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

If you run a business and have a website, chance are good you’ve been introduced to three powerful but often misunderstood letters: SEO.  It’s no longer good enough to simply have a web presence, now that web presence must be easy to locate through a search engine.  With only 6% of Google searches making it past the first page- and about 1/3 not making it past the first result- poor SEO could have a tremendous negative effect on your business.  Here are some common mistakes to avoid in your efforts to raise your ranking:

Keeping it too simple with keywords: Do your research!  Don’t assume you know the best keywords to use, or how to use them.  You could end up missing opportunities to integrate search friendly terms into your website.  Think synonyms and words with similar meanings that could be substitutes for each other in a search term. Picture and photo, for example, or optometrist and eye doctor.  You should also try to get inside the mind of potential clients that are searching for your product or service- what terms would you use if you were a potential customer of your own business?  People often search in questions, like “What’s the best restaurant in NYC?”, so you might consider incorporating relevant questions into the text of your website as well.

If you’re purchasing keywords from Google, make sure you fully understand the system so you don’t waste your money.  Broader is not better.  Choose some strategic but specific key phrases that will target your ideal audience. 

SEO First, user experience second: Search engines, especially Google, design their algorithms to find the best sites and content for their users.  That means a frequently updated website with rich content that’s well organized with page titles and descriptions will have a natural advantage on the results page.  The primary purpose of your website and the text it contains is to serve your customers, not your search ranking.  Always keep keywords in mind, but don’t stuff your page with search friendly terms at the expense of quality, informative content- search engines will punish you for it in the long run.

Search term blinders:  Look beyond search terms and keywords.  Both inbound links and social media exposure (or lack thereof) can affect your search standing.  Retweets, likes, and shares are all indications of quality and reputability within a search engine’s algorithm, as are links to your site from other respected websites.  With links especially go for quality and not quantity, though.  Links from less reputable sites- or worse, those known for spam- will count against you. 

Getting complacent:  You’ve researched your search terms, added content accordingly, and you have an impressive web presence that extends to social media and other websites.  That’s a great milestone to reach, but it doesn’t mean your SEO obligations have been satisfied.  Search engines and their algorithms are constantly changing, as is the web content you’re competing with in the search rankings.  To stay at the top of the results page, you’ll need to keep reinforcing your web presence with fresh content, and you’ll want to periodically re-evaluate your keywords and search terms as well.

SEO is a complicated- but high stakes- cat and mouse game.  The top search engines don’t make their algorithms public so you’re never completely sure how to get your site treated well in the results, and constant tweaks and updates to those algorithms mean a good ranking today may not carry over to tomorrow.  The good news is that the basic set of SEO best practices are fairly stable, so you’ll never go wrong by avoiding the above mistakes.  Quality content and well researched keywords will always strongly correlate to high search rankings. 

Bio: Eric Thomas is author and Brand Manager for Brandme. He enjoys writing about marketing and business topics. 

Friday, 21 June 2013

Advantage of Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Please see below how you can get advantage from Social Media Optimization for your organization
  • Talk more about our brand and your industry and not generic stuff about Holi and Diwali
  • Target the right audience to follow you on the social media platform
  • Run campaigns about something which puts the brand forward
  • Pictures of team and staff is very important on the website and social media is very important for B2B as it builds credit for the company
  • Talk about tips what is happening within your industry which is relevant today
  • CSR to show is good on social media
  • Build likes which is audience as without that it’s no point doing anything as no one is looking at it
  • Linked in adds are very expensive and don't get the results. So check before you give into this. But depend on what service you are offering.
  • For your business and brand pin interest or Instagram would not be that effective. You tube will be if we can create good videos and use that
  • There are too many channels so pick and focus on a couple which gives you the best ROI
  • Twitter advertising has already started but its bug budget
  • Blogs are effective. Thought leadership, SEO India can be helped. Has to be good well researched article. Share the content on social media channels to generate traffic.
  • Employees should be used to share and check in etc to make things viral 
Ways of lead generation from social media
  1. What channels you want to use, pinterest and instagram for image heavy businesses like fashion brand
  2. Are you going to be engaged on daily basis? Some channels require regular updates with content > like twitter. ..
  3. LinkedIn for B2b space
  4. How will you reach out > B2b monitoring is very important > how to do things, answer queries of users … B2c brand engagement is more important … look at what competition is doing, get ideas …. Numbers do not matter if target audience is specific
  5. Promotion > talking about your own brand  and relevant things > don’t talk about the holi and diwali if it doesn’t concern you , use only relevant things > for example a brand of clothes can talk about fashion
  6. Pictures of events and staff is most important as they tend to create transparency >  talk about the product / services tips
  7. CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities are useful for branding
  8. Does buying like help > it might be important for a brand which requires traffic to be shown, in the end relevant traffic will matter only.
  9. Running campaigns relevant to brand > makemytrip ran a campaign for INR 7000 free trip and got 10k registrants
  10. How can we use pinterest to our benefit > b2b will have problem but fashion clothing brand will have lesser issues, can use pinterest and instagram images for genuine people to market your product, creates credibility for the brand
  11. How is Google+ doing and since Google is picking up ranking up pages and getting credibility > focusing on too many things will not provide results
  12. Is Google + tracking against spam from same IP > it must be but Rajat doesn’t have clear idea as of now, other platforms are allowing normal activity to promote brands and content
Ways other than running ads campaign
Answered above
Which is more beneficial LinkedIn ads or Facebook ads
  • LinkedIn ads are too costing and ROI is not  good , they are charging $19-20  per click … there would be 100 clicks per conversion
  • Take CEO account instead of investing in LinkedIn ads
  • There are groups for job postings, good for b2b
  • Facebook also can be targeted with interest and current profile > can be targeted using Facebook ads
Use of sponsored story in lead generation
  • People are using content and marketing it using stories on Facebook
  • There is limited space and time for when a user opens a page due to increased activity of users
  • Managing time for posts is better idea  as you can target the geography,  people (working, youth etc) and markets > like 6 pm for US EST would be good time for posting and then around their noon
Different ways for Blog marketing using social media platform
  • Thought leadership using the blog
  • SEO wise traffic to your website
  • Sharing the blog content on social media, but blog remains the central area for reading
  • Meetups of blogger > launch a product >  connect with them personally and marketing the product, establishing a brand image
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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Make the most out of email marketing

Online retail is really going to get your business jumping. The internet is as well used throughout the retail world as the high street for shopping. In fact the popularity of web is a tremendous boost to your company.

Emailing customers does not just give you more chance of making a sale, it is about value, customer relationship and putting your marketing right in-front of the user, and in a much more direct way then any commercial could have been able to do for you before. Think of it as an advertisement board, hooked up to the shop you want to get to.   

There are many things that can make or break your email. And really I need to go over them in some detail for you to understand and master it. The stages of an email begin with building a campaign idea. 

Planning your sell
Think of the items you’d like to promote, it may well be a themed range, such as new in, summer, men’s, women’s, shorts, hats, sneakers. 

During this time, your marketing team must strategize a banner, design and theme, strapline and overall brand communication. You want to point at selling your products and services to your consumer, so think through the basic essentials, you can’t underestimate the power of verbalisation. Specify why the product is worth value; suggest some lifestyle choices to go along with it. 

Creating your headline
Be too vague and expect email opens and clicks to be poor. Create something intent on selling and it is off-putting. Get straight to the point, because you have no time to pull back people’s attention once they are withdrawn. Tell the customer you need them to sign on the dotted line, tell them you need them to be on the website right away because this is important.

Making an email that incorporates your brand name, and people will open your email on recognition! Bring some empathy to the client and think about what they need, is it a special offer or a new in promotion. Find out something that they want and incorporate this into the title.

Designing your email
Creative visuals produce results. Design needs clean white areas, allowing the text and images to do the talking. CSS designed alt text is an added bonus, because it enables customers to read more about your promotion without clicking the view images button.

Creating a responsive design is great for the mobile market, and with about 2 thirds of all internet users going mobile, that isn’t a bad idea. Adding that fluidity could bring the level of engagement that users are asking for too. Responsive is just one design that re-scales to the device. Good design wireframe will work wonders for your click through.

Using a good email provider
The budget is fairly just when buying an email provider that really knocks out the sales.  While Mail Chimp is wildly appreciated for its bargain of analytics and social connectivity, you still have to create your emails by manual. With a powerful tool such as Silverpop by comparison, using its tools including Behavioral Database:
Behavior, Data and List Management, emails can be automated.

A specialised email for every customer is very smart, because people engage more when they see items that are similar to what they want, rather than a mass broadcast.

What we do at my company

At The Genuine Gemstones Company we like to work towards building the best service we can provide for our clients. We need to optimize our online campaigns so that they are covered over our websites, Facebook, Twitter and emails. A new promotion for emerald rings gets sent out on a Thursday afternoon, we need to deliver it to a gigantic email list, so we have the best online strategies in place to do this correctly.

Communication is important and every week we will email a new marketing promotion.  Our brands Gems TV and Rocks TV are strong in the UK and USA respectively, however it is through our online marketing that we can bring customers back to the show as well as back to our eCommerce website.

Our online marketing team is always looking to develop our email strategies. We have mastered a better engagement through using some of the technical information used in this article, and we are always trying to better our last email, with more intelligent ideas and client communication.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

What should be the Post-Penguin 2.0 Digital Marketing Practices?

Many of the most popular SEO practices a few years ago are now cursed and considered foolish because they will either get you penalized or the costs far outweigh the benefits. While the Penguin update has certainly changed many things about online marketing, you can still gain exposure by abiding by Google’s rules.

Not Just Content
First of all, content isn’t the only thing that you need to worry about. All of the major search engines are checking your website's loading speed. A website that loads very slowly takes away from the user experience. Many studies show that if your website just takes a tenth of a second longer to load than similar websites, then your sales will drop by one percent.

Not only that, but the search engines penalize slow websites because people don’t like them. If you want to do some serious marketing, then ensure that you choose a fast Web host.

Organic Linkbait
Before Penguin, many marketers would use automated programs to build hundreds of links. These automated solutions are practically banned from Google and they will ensure that you get penalized. At the same time, you can use linkbait content to organically build hundreds of links.

You need to create content that is commonly shared. This includes infographics, funny or interesting videos, images, case studies and free guides. These content types will help you quickly build many links without having to use blackhat techniques.

Use Social Media
For the longest time, marketers said that social media was good for bringing in traffic, but that it didn’t help SEO. The post-Penguin consensus is quite the opposite because Google has said that social signals do matter. You can improve your ranking and get indexed faster just by updating and using your social media accounts.

The best way to do this is to share and create unique content on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages. This will have a direct impact on your SEO and you can also gain extra traffic from your direct social media followers.

Useful Content
You need to post useful content that Google will love. Google is obsessed with the user experience and they will increase your website’s ranking if your content is useful. The problem with this is that Google is an automated system that really can’t tell useful content from garbage.

At the same time, the search engine spiders are looking for the common signs of useful and meaty content. First of all, try to make your posts much longer. Many marketers say that a 500-word article is good enough, but others are saying that 1,000-word articles are much better. You should also include a list and at least a few resources.

Blatant Optimization
You can’t be blatant about your optimization. Penguin demands subtlety if you want the best growth. Instead of using your keyword as much as possible, it’s a much better idea to use it about four to six times. You still need to optimize your content, but the optimization should be subtle so that you aren’t penalized.

Penguin didn’t really make marketing harder. It just changed around the focus of marketing. Instead of building your own links and writing short articles, you need meaty and useful content and linkbait to build organic links. Just follow Google’s rules and you’ll have no problems improving your traffic. 

Derek is currently blogging for Hudson Horizons, an integrated web agency located in northern New Jersey. He enjoys blogging about multiple SEO topics like link building, user experience, Google+ and different SEO techniques. When he is not blogging or working, he enjoys relaxing with his girlfriend and watching the best show on television, Game of Thrones. 

How To Connect Your Network to the Cloud

1. The Cloud welcomes you!

The new storage utility is simple, fast and welcoming. Enter into an enlightened path of digitally managing your work loads and times. You will find with cloud computing that there’s an endless trail for building up your data and your network. Users may access data as and when they there are needed to see it. 

You’ve probably seen more domesticated services including iCloud and Drop Box incorporate cloud-ware applications to users. They have easy to deploy and simple attitudes, enabling cloud share between you and your devices. Share from desktops, phones, tablets, between yourself and friends, family or businesses.

2. What’s for me to expect?

With differencing levels of services, from basic file sharing to more advanced platforms with apps, to infrastructure such as data servers and firewalls, there’s a plethora of cloud software offerings to think of. Over time cloud computing will simplify existing systems, as people are more widely accepting of the internet and its interconnectivity to phones and tablets, and any other potential pieces of software available in the future.

Setting up a cloud network is a lot easier too, and let you get people working sooner. They are much more time-effective then a network or CRM, which take a lot of man hours to set up and more time to then teach everyone individually. Google cloud apps let you manage projects in a dynamic format, all inclusively of charts, graphs and plenty of other formats that other CRMs charge much more money to use.

3. Clouds everyone can see

Internet cloud access for networking includes Oracle CloudWorld, Cloud Pro and vCloud by VM Ware, providing data on Performance Management, Customer Insight, integrated with Sales and other aspects of your overall business plan. It’s great that there are programs capable of managing data for large companies, with lots of employees.

These larger companies will in fact have full support of virtual private networks (VPNs), which are great for making your data private. One important point to make about data protection is that not all computing providers will have the support of encrypted tunnels, so there’s an issue about safety that one might address. There are also some drawbacks to data encryption on cloud-ware because of slowing of transfer speed through high volumes of traffic.

Despite these certain draw backs to time-delays, the technology is getting better at dealing with working in real-time with business applications following suit now as well.

4. Is cloud computing really the future?

The prospectus for the future sights a rapid expansion of growth, with business insights already indicating it is on a healthy growth curve. In a new report from independent business information provider Visiongain; ‘'World Cloud Computing Market 2013 – 2018” emphasises the expanse of the cloud computing industry.

In this report, Visiongain state that cloud computing services are to grow by the end of 2013 by up to $35.6 billion. Cloud computing is changing the business landscape, and it’s seen by many as the answer to the issues of slow deployment applications, that are limited in resources and have unpredictability in their system configurations that can occur in an IT infrastructure.

5. What we do at my company

The Genuine Gemstones Company sells jewellery live on TV, and we enjoy being innovative with ideas and enjoy embracing technology. Our brands Gems TV and Rocks TV are popular in the UK and the USA respectively for a TV audience who are shopping savvy and fashion-concious.

We use cloud technology to expand our reach within our organization. As we host a variety of departments, we are also reliant on data for a number of essential projects. Storing these on the cloud enables our own CRM, with charts, statistics and month on month analytics and insights.

Just one example of this is when we want to research popular buys in our product ranges. Such as silver pendants diamond earrings, or a bright blue gemstone sapphire ring for example. Once we get collating data on the cloud, we can log into any digital device connected to the internet, and analyse the data to create dynamic charts immediately. With the sheer quantity of apps, you are almost spoiled for choice for making our all in one CRM for order frequency and filtering out of variables effectively.

The team are always working on keeping up to speed with the latest technology, because it is in the nature of the business grow year on yeah, by continuation of achievements, and using the best solutions to work with.


Written by Edward Meeks, digital marketing executive at The Genuine Gemstones Company

Monday, 10 June 2013

Go off page for better SEO results

Are you a web master or the owner of a website? Then you are looking for some form of internet marketing, especially if you have some goods or services you would like exposed to the general public. Developing a successful web presence through search engine positioning is clearly a formidable challenge as the competition is not only vast in quantity but often high in quality too.  As the Internet evolves so does the sophistication of SEO techniques. These days, in their pursuit of relevance and in their efforts to counteract spam-dexing and search manipulation the search engines are placing an increasing emphasis on off-page factors. In this regard, what you might actually be looking for would some form of Search engine Optimization, SEO that would ensure that you get some top placement on the web search ranking. Therefore, when you are a search engine marketer, your major aim is to get your web page inside of the top area of the search engine results for your related niche. To do this, some elements would have to come into play.

First of all, you would have to enrich your keyword choice, to ensure that your website is better optimized so others can easily locate it in a given random search. This means that you have to use words people are likely to type more when conducting a search on the search engines. You would have to also tailor your website according to the niche you write, and also give it an air of uniqueness that would help you gain the best view on the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others. When you are going on to web page optimization, you would find that there are two basic methods you may wish to employ. First of all, of course, there is the URL page optimization, which some people might decide to term the on line optimization, and the off line optimization as well. This article will seek to focus on the off line page optimization.

Whereas simple ‘on page’ SEO was once sufficient to place websites high on search engine returns - SEO experts weaving their magic with perfect keyword selection, placement and density to achieve wondrous top page rankings - it now takes a far more sophisticated blend of SEO techniques to develop and reveal relevance to the search engines in order to achieve sustainable success. Overtaking on-page factors with what increasingly seems to be of greatest importance to a successful Internet presence is time, relevance and trust. With time taking care of itself, the challenge for SEO professionals is to develop sufficient relevance and trust quickly and cost effectively.

If you want to use the off-site method, you would need to first master the use of hyperlinks. You would need to build your hyperlinks to make the most use of your off site optimization techniques.
You may also employ the means of directory submission. This is the use of directories in identifying your website to the particular search engine. This has the benefit of making the traffic coming to your website triple overtime and also increase the number of one way links on to your website.
There is also the option of content, which can help you out using the necessary keywords that would see to the boosting of your website and also translate into more sales as the time goes one. If you are looking for ideal internet marketing, this is the ideal method.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Importance of PPC campaigns in Digital Marketing or SEO

As with anything in life, it pays to have a mix of things in order to ensure balance. The same is true of marketing, and including PPC (Pay per Click), as part of a balanced plan of digital marketing can add to the overall efficacy of your promotional strategy.

Research has shown that companies from start-ups through to multi-national global enterprises invest a considerable proportion of their online marketing budgets in PPC. So what’s all the fuss about?

What is PPC?
PPC is a way in which advertisers pay to bring their products to the attention of people who may be interested in them. Choosing keywords that are relevant to the product, marketers develop adverts specifically tailored to the individuals searching for that keyword that will hopefully find their way to the eyes of people who are interested in the product. Get the clicks and convert them to sales

There are two ways in which advertisers can pay for the clicks their adverts receive. Most content websites – that is, websites such as blogs or magazines – have a flat fee for advertising space on their sites when visitors click through to the product. Search engines on the other hand often invite bids for particular keywords in their searches and advertising space is offered to the highest bidding advertisers for those keywords.

Why PPC?
As mentioned above, PPC can form an important element of a marketer’s overall digital marketing strategy to drive traffic to a website for a product or service. As part of an overall online marketing plan, PPC can add the benefit of bringing the right eyes to the product. Carefully selected relevant keywords mean that the people most likely to want to view or purchase the product on sale will find the advertising that meets their requirements.

The main benefit of PPC for marketers is payment for results. Rather than taking out a print advert, where returns on investment are difficult to measure, PPC allows advertisers to pay only for the clicks they receive. This makes investment spent in this way both valuable and highly effective.

Features of great PPC
In order to have the kind of impact marketers want – a click-through and ultimately a purchase – it’s important to focus on the design of PPC advertising. People who regularly browse the web have become somewhat immune to advertising on websites and tend to tune them out when viewing websites. In order to capture a potential buyer’s attention, PPC adverts must be eye-catching and grab the attention of the visitor to the site. Getting all-important eyes on your product

Once the marketer has the potential buyer’s attention, that attention needs to be converted into a click on the advert in order to make it worthwhile. Adverts need to have some kind of call to action – either a tease that promises more information or an offer the viewer can’t refuse – so they can’t resist clicking on the ad. It is also vitally important that the website at the other end of the advert is up to standard. If the promise of the ad isn’t fulfilled when the customer clicks through to the website, they’ll very quickly bounce off the site and return to what they were doing before they clicked. This is catastrophic for marketers as they have paid for the click only for it to lead nowhere.

About the author: Tom Shurville, director and owner of Distinctly Digital, the SEO and PPC agencybased in Rickmansworth. PPC is a useful part of the overall strategy for attracting the right people to see a marketer’s products online. Providing value for money for advertisers, it allows people to quickly access the products they need and marketers access to the right customers. Find Tom on Google+.