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SEO vs SMO – An Overview

Few years back no one was able to locate your business on Google if the site was not optimized properly. So the idea of choosing between a search engine optimization (SEO) process, or doing social media optimization (SMO) for a website, was very easy – that was SEO. But the introduction of social media has changed the concept of online marketing and promotion.
Social media evolution is effecting SEO, and this problem is going on for many business strategists. While Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, blogging, flickr and SEO press releases give companies a huge advantage to drive website traffic as well as targeted clients or customers with increased awareness in short time span, then people are thinking twice to optimize (off-page) their websites for the search engines.

Now these days, social media is enhancing SEO scope, and according to the review reports businesses can get free evaluation and derive goal immediately. Due to this advantage, now business owners, chief marketing offi…

Google Changes New Panda Algorithm – SEO Viewpoint

Google made an update to their algorithm late February 2011 that has greatly affected many sites and caused a decrease in traffic. The update was called the “Panda” update (aka the “Farmer” update). Google normally does major updates to their algorithm once every 1-2 years. The Panda update is a major update. This is all in an effort for Google to produce the best search results and foil black hat SEO techniques. In general Google always has the searcher in mind and they change their algorithm so as to ensure black hat SEO techniques are not effecting the relevance and high quality of the results on their search engine.

So how do you know if the Panda update effected your website? Quickly check your website analytics from January 2011 until today. Check if you see a sudden decrease in traffic from the end of February until now. Also check on Google Webmaster Tools what words you are currently ranking for and compare that to the keywords you were ranking for before.
Who did the Panda upd…