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Beware of Fake Posts in Facebook

You've probably noticed this post on facebook. "A 14 years old boy got beaten half dead by his stepfather. His only fault was this that he tried to protect his little sister from being raped. Now he's struggling for his life, but doctors say he won't make it without a surgery. His mother doesn't have money to pay it. Facebook donates 45cents for every sharing or reposing." Facebook Web hacker,Paul Tarjan just informed me that This is Absolutely Fake News.Please don't spread anything which saying "Facebook donates for like and sharing posts" This is only an example. Same like posts are spreading through facebook and other social media communities . So always beware.

SEO Strategies 2012

A lot of serious serious things going on with Google’s Panda update, how Bing and Facebook have collaborated, and how SEO 2.0 and Social Media are merging. This is a different thing than how one would use Social Media to get more personal with their users.
The Panda update, website load time, Google’s new +1 feature, microdata , rel="author", microdata,  Facebook’s like button on Bing, removal of real time search on Google and user feedback and ratings are all part of the new 2011 SEO 2.0 way in how Google is starting to use social media to make content rank better. The End User now decides. Traditional tactics will still work, but they will soon not have as much buoyancy as they did. Another important change that site with Google map details will get more preference. (For example search builders in cochin )

How To Recover From Your Facebook Addiction

Do you find yourself checking Facebook five, ten, twenty times daily? Do you ignore calls and avoid visits from your family and friends in favor of keeping tabs on status updates? If so, you may have an addiction to Facebook, but don't worry. Here are some tips for keeping social media time in check.It is very easy

Things You'll Need Willpower

Assess your addiction. Socializing online can be addicting - but if you're doing it to the exclusion of face-to-face time in your important relationships, it could be a problem. If you answer yes to these questions, you may need a Facebook intervention:

Do you lose time at work due to Facebook abuse?
Does your spouse or significant other complain about the amount of time you spend on Facebook?
Do you use Facebook because you feel shy with people?
Do you feel out of control of your time when using Facebook?
Does using Facebook decrease your overall ambition?
Do you have to check Facebook a certain number of times daily?

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Google Plus +1 Social Button for Websites Now Live

Google has just introduced a new social button called Google Plus One. It is basically a button similar to the Facebook “like” button which is shorthand for “You should check this out”.You click this +1 button to give a web page your recommendation to your friends and the searchers which will really help people find relevant results  more quickly and easily.
The plus one button can be found in two places on the web, the Google search listings (currently available only when you’re logged into your Google account. After log in you’ll be able to see the plus one button next to search results) and individual web pages. You can access code for adding Google Plus +1 to individual web pages from order to use the plus one button you’ll need a Google account. If you use Gmail then you already have a Google account.  While you’re logged into your Google account you’ll be able to see the plus one button next to search results. Simply click on…

Google Place Optimization – Search Visibility Factor

Google Place optimization is one of the recent most important SEO factor to increase the visibility of a business or company in the web search result. Generally, if you are searching something with a location (city name) related keyword, Google will show the place listing along with the web results.

What can be enlisted in Google Place?

•    Business or company name
•    Brief  business description
•    Business address spotted in Google Map
•    Title with keyword to get SEO value
•    Business category
•    Contact details (Phone, fax, email)
•    Website
•    Images and videos
•    Business related other details in limited space.
•    Latest events announcement for limited time period
•    Tags etc.

In organic search result, generally we get highlighted keywords with two lines description and the relevant URLs. But if you can optimize the Google Place efficiently then the map results will appear along with the web results. And this is only visible (maximum seven top place listing) in the front…

SEO vs SMO – An Overview

Few years back no one was able to locate your business on Google if the site was not optimized properly. So the idea of choosing between a search engine optimization (SEO) process, or doing social media optimization (SMO) for a website, was very easy – that was SEO. But the introduction of social media has changed the concept of online marketing and promotion.
Social media evolution is effecting SEO, and this problem is going on for many business strategists. While Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, blogging, flickr and SEO press releases give companies a huge advantage to drive website traffic as well as targeted clients or customers with increased awareness in short time span, then people are thinking twice to optimize (off-page) their websites for the search engines.

Now these days, social media is enhancing SEO scope, and according to the review reports businesses can get free evaluation and derive goal immediately. Due to this advantage, now business owners, chief marketing offi…

Google Changes New Panda Algorithm – SEO Viewpoint

Google made an update to their algorithm late February 2011 that has greatly affected many sites and caused a decrease in traffic. The update was called the “Panda” update (aka the “Farmer” update). Google normally does major updates to their algorithm once every 1-2 years. The Panda update is a major update. This is all in an effort for Google to produce the best search results and foil black hat SEO techniques. In general Google always has the searcher in mind and they change their algorithm so as to ensure black hat SEO techniques are not effecting the relevance and high quality of the results on their search engine.

So how do you know if the Panda update effected your website? Quickly check your website analytics from January 2011 until today. Check if you see a sudden decrease in traffic from the end of February until now. Also check on Google Webmaster Tools what words you are currently ranking for and compare that to the keywords you were ranking for before.
Who did the Panda upd…

Panda - Google's New Weapon Against Content Farmers

Google is going to be more Searcher Friendly with its Panda Update. Google's Amit Singhal and Matt Cutt revealed officially about Google's algorithm update named Panda - Google's latest algorithm update.

Google penalized fabes, JCPenney and for "shady" linking practices. Websites which are overloaded with AdSense and others advertisements will really going to affect. This is just the beginning of a lot of changes that are targeting content farms and spammy content that had been showing up in their rankings. Unfortunately, it has also changed some SEO strategies that many online marketers had been employing. It seems that a big target of this update has been to devalue sites that are displaying a lot of duplicate content.,, and like websites are affected by Panda update, based on traffic on keywords, ranking and click-through rate.
How to protect your website from being devalued with Pan…

Be Positive

In today's  competitive business world, anxiety and stresses are common. In order to avoid negative thoughts use these simple procedures
A Negative Thought Stopping Procedure The Five R's - A Negative Thought Stopping Procedure. In fact, the harder you try to 'not think about' something that is negative, the more powerful and entrenched in your mind that negative thought becomes, and the greater the negative influence it has on your performance. The only way to stop negative thoughts is to shift your thinking to thoughts - and images - that are both positive and productive with regard to your personal performance. Since the human mind can only process one thought at a time , you must actively choose to direct your mind toward (i.e. focus on) a Dominant Thought that is positive, productive, and directly related to how you want to perform.The Five R's are key words that summarize a Negative Thought Stopping procedure that can help you achieve this goal.  Implementing t…

Search Engine To Come Down Strongly On Unethical SEO Practices In 2011

As per latest tweets from Matt Cutts(Google Engineer) and Prageeth P (SEO Expert), Google is to come down strongly on websites that use black hat SEO strategies such as cloaking. Cloaking  is a form of search engine manipulation. Cloaking means that search engine spiders get fed one website, while the web surfer views another. What the search engine gets is usually a page with the same keyword repeated several times over, while the user gets a nicer page which may or may not have those keywords.As per the twitter post from Matt Cutts, “Not just page content matters; avoid different headers/redirects to Googlebot instead of users.”
Always avoid Black Hat SEO Black Hat SEO is tempting; after all, these tricks only work, temporarily. They do end up getting sites higher search rankings; that is, until these same sites get banned for using unethical practices. It’s just not worth the risk. Use efficient search engine optimization techniques to get your site ranked higher, and s…