Thursday, 22 August 2013

10 Simple ways to improve your SEO

If you are a business owner, or otherwise, an individual trying to promote a certain product or service, you’ll most likely already know about a service called SEO. At first, you may find this service a little complicated to grasp, it is after all a very complex system. The traffic gained from this system is however phenomenal.

With so many variables involved in the making of SEO services, it can sometimes be a little hard to understand the ins and outs of this system. However, regardless of this, there are several simple things you can do to boost your SEO and in turn, rank higher in today’s search engines.

SEO as an essential way to gain traffic

SEO is one of the easiest ways to reach consumers today; this is mainly down to technology in the 21st century. More and more consumers are choosing to use their smartphones and tablets to shop, and with so many expensive technologies on the market today, surfing the Internet is a widespread pastime!

All in all however, it comes down to the content you choose to share – if it isn’t interesting and it doesn’t grab the attention of those surfing the net, excelling in this field is quite simply impossible!

SEO is constantly changing and as such, it’s often improving, which makes it an asset to most companies and a great business tool. On average, Google supposedly makes more than 500 alterations to their search algorithm on an annual basis. This in actual fact means that they alter their algorithm on a daily basis. Despite this, there are always certain things that stay the same and such factors comprise of how you upload, manage and update the content you choose to broadcast online. Listed below are ten of the easiest rules to follow when it comes to SEO and following these rules will allow you to use this particular system in a successful manner. This is regardless of the service or product you wish to promote, and regardless of whether you’re in the business sector or the creative industry. In fact, SEO within the finance industry is extremely effective. Due to its competitive nature, international recruitment services benefit from this strategy hugely!

1. Conduct a full site on page SEO review/audit in order to determine the issues at stake.

2. You should always write content that is tailored to your target audience and not just to the search engines. Quality content is a must.

3. Using bold lettering, anchor text and html coding will help you to enhance your on-page content structure. Don’t also forget to use interlinking which can also benefit your SEO.

4. Use sites with higher page rankings as opposed to low quality link sites.

5. Use social bookmarking sites and add new content to these on a regular basis.

6. Use the likes of social sharing buttons on your site in order to promote content further.

7. Never duplicate content as this will put off users as opposed to draw them in. In order to keep the attention of existing consumers and attract new consumers, it’s important to keep content fresh and desirable.

8. In order to create successful content, use URLs that contain keywords and link these keywords to various sites and products that promote your own.

9. Add new content on a regular basis and at prime times when others are surfing the web.

10. Create effectual title tags and ones that encompass your target keywords.

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